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any people don't realise the inherent power of spreadsheets - they think they're just for storing tables full of data that might be needed some day by their boss. But with a bit of imagination and some VB macros in the background you can shake off those static tables and two dimensional graphs and achieve almost anything you want! If you're fed up with mind-numbing lists of meaningless data and want to add a bit of ZING! to your Excel spreadsheets then look no further!

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Here you'll find a collection of useful (and admittedly not-so-useful) spreadsheets that go beyond the ordinary. While you can take all of them away and use them as is, some of them don't have much practical use - they're just for fun. They're all completely FREE for you to download and use as you, butcher or trash - whatever you want!

World Clock from the Business sectionQ: "What's a VB macro when it's at home?"
A: A macro is a piece of code running behind an application such as Word or Excel that manipulates the document in ways that wouldn't normally be available using only the normal user interface. Macros are triggered by events happening in the document, like a cell being updated, a paragraph being added, etc. If you've heard the term 'event-driven' that's what it's referring to. A VB macro is one that's written in Visual Basic, as they are in Word and Excel. In Excel macros are saved as part of the workbook, and in addition to the code associated with the workbook as a whole, every worksheet can have its own associated macro code.

Here's some macro code that starts a clock when the workbook is opened:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

    ' Very first call to start the timer

End Sub

The procedure UpdateClock() would probably do something a bit smarter, like keeping a clock ticking in the spreadsheet:

Sub UpdateClock()

' Write the current time to cell A1
    Worksheets("Clock").Range("A1") = Now

    ' Reschedule another update in one second
    Application.OnTime Now + _
        TimeValue("00:00:01"), _

End Sub

Deal or No Deal from the Leisure sectionThe first call writes the value of the system time into the spreadsheet and the second call reschedules another update in one second's time. As you can see this achieves something that's impossible to do in a normal Excel formula - a clock that ticks away in cell A1 as you edit the rest of the spreadsheet. Take a little time to learn about macro programming and you can make your spreadsheets infinitely more powerful!

Q: "Do these free spreadsheets contain harmful code that could damage my computer?"
Nope. But if you want to put your mind at ease, set Excel's macro security level to Medium by selecting Tools > Macros > Security... like so:

When the spreadsheet loads you'll be asked whether or not you want to run macros - select Disable Macros:

You can then view the macro code by pressing ALT-F11 to bring up the Visual Basic editor. To run the spreadsheet properly you'll have to shut the VB editor, quit the spreadsheet and reload it, this time selecting Enable Macros.

Q: "These are great! Why are you giving them away?"
Why not? They've helped me understand the various aspects of Excel in some way other and if they can help you too, great. If not, then nothing lost!

Q: "Amazing! How much do they cost?"
About 3 seconds of your time to wait for the download.

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Sudoku Puzzle Generator
Yes, that's right - at last it's here...a genuine Sudoku Puzzle Maker running in Excel!

Discover ways to make your macros run like lightning! This workbook gives you various performance comparisons that will enable you to tune your code to substantially speed up your macros.




At A Glance

This spreadsheet can read your mind! No kidding...but it only has a small knowledge base. Fancy expanding it?

Anniversary Reminder
Always forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and yearly events? Now you'll never have an excuse again. Highlights upcoming events in different colours of urgency!

Deal Or No Deal
Yes! The unofficial version of the TV game is here, on your computer. Download it and play with up to 6 players!

International Contact Sheet
This contact sheet can be used when you have friends or colleagues across the world. Each contact has a 'My Time' readout showing their actual local time and a day or night icon.

RAG Traffic Lights
A simple demonstration of red, green and amber indicators driven by data values. Popular with management in those 'work-stream tracking' reports.

Running Man
A fun spreadsheet that uses some slightly more complex 3D maths to make a man run!

Universal Converter
This spreadsheet enables you to convert just about any units into any other just by a few clicks of the mouse!

Warp Drive
More silliness with a warp drive effect, a bit like the starfield screen saver...or something from Star Trek!

Whacky Clock
A bit of fun again. Try reading this clock!

World Clock
A great looking real-time display of night and day across the time-zones, with local times of major cities.


«Coming Soon«

Cost Benefit Analyser
«Coming Soon«
Not sure which direction is best for your project? Use this spreadsheet to weigh up the pros and cons of each scenario.

Holiday & Absence Tracker
«Coming Soon«
If you have a lot of staff and have trouble keeping track of their annual leave, try this comprehensive spreadsheet. Publishes a webpage to a destination of your choice!

«Coming Soon«
Find out how much your salary has increased in real terms since joining your company and how well (or poorly!) you are paid relative to others...

Project Tracker
«Coming Soon«
You can use this to track the planned dates of activities on multiple projects.











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